Deux Rivières Tang Soo Do



How is Tang Soo Do better than other martial arts?

Tang Soo Do is not better than other martial arts. All martial arts have points in common and differences. Some of these differences are obvious (Kendo is the practice of japanese sword, Judo is the art to use your opponent's strength to take him down...), others are subtler. In one martial art, the teaching method can also differ from studio to studio. When trying to find a martial art, the real question is not "which one is the best?" but "which one is the best for me?". It is a question nobody but yourself can answer.
At 2RTSD, we have a traditional way of teaching, with ordered classes, a set instructor that leads class and a curriculum defined by the Traditional Global Tang Soo Do Association. As for Tang Soo Do, it is a striking art from korea. To know more, see here.
Whatever your first impression of a martial art class, we encourage you to go try out a couple other martial arts to be sure to pick the right one!

Do I have to pay up front?

Not at all. As mentioned right above, we actually encourage students to make sure Tang Soo Do is the martial art for them before enrolling. You are therefore welcome to try a couple classes for free to see what we do.

Do you really make contact during class/championships?

No. Whatever we are practicing, strikes are held and contact is forbidden. Sometimes, to avoid accidents, we wear protective equipment, but it stays light since strikes are always held. Instructors at 2RTSD strive to create a safe training environment.
As every physical activity, there are risks of injury. Most students of Tang Soo Do pick up the occasional bruise on their arms or legs, but instructors are always ready to react to serious injuries.

How much does joining 2RTSD cost?

We strive to keep costs low to allow everyone to train without worry. However, running the association has a cost, and we ask for participation from all students. The fee is currently 80€ per quarter. This covers registration with the World Tang Soo Do Association and insurance. The location is provided free of charges by the city of Oullins. You will also need to buy a uniform (Do Bohk in korean). We do however invite you to try a couple classes for free before you decide to join.

What uniform must I buy?

Finding a good uniform is hard, since uniforms are different for each martial art. Judo uniforms, for example, are often too heavy and rigid for Tang Soo Do. Although we call our uniforms Do Bohk, if you go and ask for a do bohk in a shop, you will most likely get a Tae Kwon Do uniform, whose shape is different from ours'. You will actually need a karate kimono, entirely white. You should be able to find one in any sports shop.

Do I have to come to every class? Twice a week is a bit much...

Assisting to every class is not mandatory. If you come only once a week, you will progress slower than if you'd come to every class, but we do not require you to assist to every class. We give class twice a week because this seems to us to be the optimal frequency for efficient training.
We only ask that you let us know if you can't make it as much as possible, especially if it is on a regular basis, so we can plan our classes accordingly.

How old do you have to be to join?

The Traditional Global Tang Soo Do Association has programs to teach from a very young age. However, teaching children requires time to prepare classes, time our instructors currently do not have. We therefore concentrate our attention on adult classes, starting at 15.

8:30-10:00pm is a bit late for me...

This time slot is sadly the only one we currently have. We need 1:30 to be able to give structured and well-rounded classes. If this time slot really doesn't work for you, we encourage you to look at the other martial arts studios in Oullins.

I don't think Tang Soo Do is right for me: <insert reason here>

It is possible. We strive to create a teaching environment that is tailored to most, and that allows everyone to progress at their own rythm, but it is possible our teaching or the art itself is not compatible with your character. In which case, after talking about it with our instructors to see if nothing can be done, we invite you not to abandon martial arts, but look at other studios in Oullins for something that would be better for you.

Why a bilingual website?

Because the TGTSDA is an international association, and we have many friends practicing Tang Soo DDo abroad and not speaking French. That way, they can follow how the club evolves, and they have all the information required when they decide to drop by! While all classes are instructed in french, our instructors are fluent in both french and english, and able to teach in both languages.